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Let Build Craft, Inc. manage your ongoing property repair and maintenance needs.

Managed Property

Terrell’s business focus is developing long term relationships with homeowners who want high quality work.  He especially strives to provide clients with larger homes with a full maintenance, repair, and remodeling Management Service.

The idea for such a service started several years ago when a client who was trying to coordinate all the maintenance on his 8,000 square foot home initially engaged Terrell to take care of a single project.  The experience was extremely positive and their relationship grew over the years to the point that Terrell now takes care of everything for him.  The list of tasks includes many things that fall outside of what Terrell would normally perform himself such as appliance repair, window washing, alarm and security camera work, etc.

Terrell’s client no longer has to contend with the hassles of maintaining his home himself.  Due to their trusting relationship, Terrell has a set of keys to his home and the alarm code.  Terrell’s client texts him as project needs arise.  If Terrell is unskilled in a particular area, he sub-contracts the job to an appropriate licensed contractor he trusts and whose quality of work is known to him. He schedules the work, opens the home to the contractors, makes sure the work is done well, and then pays them.

Terrell has been repeatedly told how freeing it has been for his client to be able to rely on a singular resource for all his maintenance and repair needs. He no longer has to search the Internet to find a contractor, take off from work to meet him/her, and worry whether or not the job is done correctly.

This unique service, built on trust, has already proved invaluable and Terrell looks forward to extending it to many other clients.